Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2012

Stellenbosch to Umtentweni

wet trekking in Stellenbosch (10 of 15 km in rain)

Drying out in the Backpackers in Stellenbosch

don't know the name of these critters but they live in the rocky cliffs of Hermanus:

 after 3 days of storms and high winds the weather was good enough for us to move on (starting problems)

made it to the southern most point of Africa!

indian ocean green, atlantic ocean blue; Cape Agulhas -believe it or not.

first diesel enfields at Cape Agulhas

sponge found on the beach, wonder what it looks like underwater?

Jens practising his yoga

man powered barge

did we take a wrong turn somewhere?

view down onto Wilderness beach

again a man powered pontoon, in a park that we would have to had paid 8€/12AUS$,  had a free pass from the backpackers!

nice walk to waterfall

map of the village of Wilderness, backpackers and surrounds

camp grounds at Plettenberg Bay

given a BBQ to use in the camping ground for the duration of the Whale Ride Bike Rally and wood delivery everyday!

found the G spot on a day ride!

Prince Alfred pass

top of Prince Alfred Pass, behind Plettenberg Bay

like the connection? KFC and flag!

a group of bikers attending the rally

burning rubber!

Heidi wins the price for the longest distance for women (16.000km)

Enfield in beer tent, won the Rat bike prize!

on the way to Port Elisabeth, playing on the road

hotwater bottle to warm the sleeping bag

kitchen of the Backpackers in Port Elizabeth

coastal walk at Coffee Bay

these plants are everywhere, whole hillsides full of them but not in plague proportions. look really good

sea anomea(spelling?)

coastline at Coffee Bay, they grow coffee a couple of kms inland

there are alot of similar signs in most shops here in SA

one of Heidi's clutch plates that she manages to damage somehow!?

Thomas's house that we are house sitting

Max comes with the house. we take him walkies every morning now

the car that we have rented with our friends Heike, Peter & Jule

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