Sonntag, 2. September 2012

Safari by 4x4 Part 2

the big rivers in Africa

Zimbabwe: Sambesi river at Victoria Falls

bee eater

fruits of the baobab tree

present from Jule to this little girl

cars made of wire and coke cans

cave paintings in Matabos in Zimbabwe

Matabos Nature Reserve

hippo family

rhino number 117 in the park

Great Zimbabwe

Jule at Great Zimbabwe

free camping in Zimbabwe

at the guest house in Mosambique

camping in a building site

dinner at the restaurant  - Peri Peri Chicken

owner of the restaurant

Vilanculo - boat trip to the island and snorkeling

the dhou

sea slug

at the Backpacker

Inhambane fish market

Tofo beach Bamboozi Backpackers- we were the only ones on the beach

whales near the beach

trip to go snorkeling with the whale sharks

lunch on the side of the road

Maputo - Backpacker

hitching a lift

South Africa

Drakensberg mountains

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