Sonntag, 10. Februar 2013

2/2013 Khartoum to Aswan

In the garden of the Youth Hostel in Khartoum and the dust storm is coming
the black pyramids of Meroe in Sudan

road in Sudan

wild camping in the desert of Sudan

In the morning sun

second place with pyramids in Merowe


the next wild camping in the Nubian desert

Falaffel, eggs, tomatoes in bread

on the road to Wadi Halfa

meeting some Italian bikers and our fixer in Wadi Halfa

Waiting for the ferry to Egypt

our Enfields on the vehicle ferry to Egypt (not allowed for passengers)
Mazar our helper and his bike
the passenger ferry to Aswan

after a cold and windy night on deck (17 h to Aswan)


After 4 hours we got the bikes out of custom in Aswan - record for Egypt

Aswan in Egypt and the Nile

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