Mittwoch, 20. März 2013

3/2013 from Cairo to Tel Aviv

Pyramids in a sandstorm

hotel in Cairo (entrance through the chinese restaurant)

Port Said - the army
Korean food in Port Said

ship coming down the Suez-canal, as seen from the city of Suez

hotel in Suez


police escort across the Sinai

15 km canyon road to Taba (border to Israel)

in Israel - camping at the beach near Eilat (Red Sea)

we were guests on a kibbutz

getting a tour of the kibbutz with David

heading north towards the Dead Sea

sink hole

salt crystals of the Dead Sea

Masada - a great view

the famous roman ramp ...

and the end of the siege

water cistern

view from Masada - the squares were the Roman camps

salt encrusted stone on the shore of the Dead Sea

strong wind at the camp site

mountain range next to the Dead Sea

Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem
another free camp site at Palmahin on the Mediterranian Sea

Isaak & Annat - invited us to his home for a good cup of coffee and a chat

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