Dienstag, 16. April 2013

Greece, Italy, France

wild camping at the beach

Corinthian Channel

Our hotel near Patras

spring is here

a greek olive grove

wild flowers

loading the bikes on the ferry to Italy

farewell to Greece
Pompeji camping- toast for breafast

plaster cast of a citizen of Pompeii

Pizza oven

zebra crossing to keep the feet clean

note the above decoration

Mt Vesuvio

wall painting instead of wall paper

volcan and city

fast food snack bar

a most inconvient place to repair a flat

the new Pope in St Peters square

St Peters Square

in one of the halls of the Vatican musuem leading to the Sistine Chapel

Trevi fountain

the only way thru the traffic in Rome is with a scooter

Saturnia warm water spring

north of Lucca, note the snow on the mountains
another convenient place to repair the clutch

then we discovered that Jens also had a flat!

we needed something after the morning that we have had

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