Freitag, 18. Januar 2013

12/2012 Queen Elisabeth NP to Nairobi


not my bike - Ugandian Lamp Protector

road out of Kisoro (Switzerland of Africa)

vulcano landscape

where is this?? near Kabale

camping on the escarpment looking towards Queen Elisabeth National Park

Queen Elisabeth NP: isn't he cute?

Boat-tour in Queen Elisabeth NP

Fort Portal Pizza place

one of the residence of the camping ground

1st Equator crossing

Heidi with background made of wood

also in the camp ground

sunset over the Nile in Jinja

Owner of the Ozzie Cafe in Jinja (she's Aussie of course)
water hyacins on Lake Victoria at Kisumu with heaps of mosquitos

boarderer at the tent

heavy rain at Lake Victoria

Kai, Jens, Meike, Heidi

a fall in mud and the tank is leaking much more than before

quick fix the box
broken main frame on Jens's bike
sealing the tank with hot glue

improvised frame fixing for the 150km to Nairobi

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