Sonntag, 20. Januar 2013

Aber Minch to Lilabela

Aber Minch lakes

ethiopian date

4th flat tyre

5th flat tyre

6th flat tyre
7th flat tyre

Jens's return with repaired tyre

Addis alot of VW vans

on the road to Addis Abeba

LUCY- a distant relative to us all

a local house on the way north
a traditional meal- hot coals to keep it warm and injeera the pancake
                                     like thing that tastes like a dishwashing sponge!

road into the clouds, its about 2000m high

a very cheap and clean hotel

the local way of building- wattle and daub.

and we are still going up!
close to our highest point

note the road that we came up

the turn off to Lalibela. how many goats and chickens on the roof??!

over 2600m

8th flat tyre!!

again a traditional veg meal

one of the 11 famous stone churches in Lalibela

pray session in one of the churches

the most famous of these churches, cut down into the stone

one of the old doors and locking system

tomb raider?!

view from our tent

avocado juice and papaya/orange and banana juice- a great breakfast

the only reminder of the war that we saw.

interesting script

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  1. Risking a slap in the chops.....but did you ever consider something like "Slime" anti puncture goo in the tubes..???